DEER CREEK TRIATHLON is July 17th 2010 more Register on

Summer Triathlon Mtn. Bike to the Challet @ Soldier Hollow

plan on a fun event. thanks

We had a fun tri 2008 now we plan on a good time July 17th 10

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Deer Creek Triathlon $35 +10 if not a member of USAT
July 17, 2010
Register at

See you July 17th, bigger Better, even more fun.

This is the 3rd year of the Deer Creek Tri. This summer tri/duo event is in a beautiful, fun setting. Because the nature of the event is low-key, casual, and fun, registration will be limited to a small number of entrants.

This is an ideal event to use for training. We look forward to your participation and hope that this will become a fun event for years to come. (If you are looking for a serious competition, look for another triathlon. There will be no age group awards.)

Registration Information:
· Registration for this event is $35 + 10 = $45 w ins. tri/ $25 + $ 10=$35 for Duo. $10 if you are not a mem. of USAT
· Register before hand-no registration the day of the event.
· All entrants will be required to sign an agreement adhering to all USAT rules and regulations.
· If you are doing this event as a duo (bike/run), please circle Bike/Run on your registration form.
· No refunds.

Parking and Race Information:
· Park in Dam Parking lot up on hill
· 5:15 am - 5:45 am: Pick up your bib #, sign USAT rules agreement at the dam. Then Get to The H2o
· You will ride your mountain bike from the registration area to the swim area (see course information). Make sure you have your swim equipment and biking equipment with you. You'll have to bring your running shoes with you or somehow make arrangements to have your shoes at the Chalet at Soldier Hollow for the run transition.
·Close to 6:00 or ?am: Race (swim) to begin.
· Final event willl end at the Chalet in Soldier Hollow.
· You will have to ride your bike back to the parking area unless you make other arrangements. You need to get back to the parking area at the dam from the chalet finish. Friends or ask for a ride.

Fruit, drinks, and pancakes will be provided at the finish for participants.

Before starting even, entrant must sign and agree to all USAT Rules and regulations. In consideration of your accepting this entry,

We loved this triathlon and hope that you guys keep
> it going. (my husband and I) will be able to participate
> next year as we are in a different state for the summer. We just hope it
> will be there for us to do next year and so on! We really loved it last
> year! Thanks again, Tiffany

More Thoughts:
Ride your bike early to the start area sat. 17th, 1 mile north side of Deer Creek Res. we
start a 1/2 mile swim, 1/4 mile towards the buoy, then swim back 1/4 mile along the shore,
get out, put on shoes, then mt Bike 8 miles to Soldier Hollow,

Drop Mt. bike, (Mt.Bike Tires only its a dirt road
Last Transistion you run out 1.6mi., Then back down the hill,run back 1.5 miles to
finish area. Cool Finish in the shade.

You can now register on
Sign up soon, and tell your friends.

This is a great event for beginners, or those who wish to have a great work out.
The Chalet at Soldier Hollow is a Great finish area with a very large Park which has a Grassy
field with Monster shade trees where you can lay around after you finish and eat fruit
and pancakes
( Free camping on grass, available Friday night 16th) finish area at the Chalet Solder Hollow
Midway Utah Area.
It is $35+ 10 if you are not a member of USAT.
You Can even come Camp out on the very large park at the chalet friday night, restrooms
kitchen area. We will have pancakes and fruit after you finish the tri, great award
prints. Tell your friends this is a 1/2 mile swim, on the 1/4 mile back they can swim
next to shore if they wish, 8 mile mt. bike next to the reservoir on a pretty good wide
small road.







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